AI artificial intelligence, interactive home, talk to my computer

Animated talking & listening character named Mary
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Speak to your computer What Mary (our software ) says or you can say is in blue italics

Your Interactive Home - present day
It's morning as you enter the kitchen (your computer is sitting on a table in the corner), Mary senses (microphone) your approach and says good morning, it's 7:30 Monday November 10, 2008.
As you busy yourself with making coffee, you look out the window and wonder what the weather will be like today. You ask Mary
U.S. weather and the latest weather map (which you have pre-designated) is displayed. You are curious about hurricanes in the Caribbean so you say caribbean weather and the latest weather map from that region is displayed.

Interactive home - Caribbean satellite map requested by its voice name
While drinking your coffee, you ask the computer for news headlines from around the world. While listening to your computer read the news out-loud, one of the headlines is interesting so you interrupt Mary by saying the first word or two of the headline and the news story is displayed in our voice web browser.

You see an interesting news headline concerning greenpeace founder so you say greenpeace and that article is displayed in your web browser for review. You ask the computer to read that web page to you.

You are interested in world events, so you say
Kremlin and a current web camera shot of Red Square in Moscow is displayed.

Caribbean satellite map requested by its voice name You arrive at the office and start the TalkingDesktop program. Mary greets you by saying Good afternoon Mr. Smith , then she presents the internet connection window to you so that you may connect to the internet.

You want to know how the stock market is doing so you say
stock ticker and your personal stock list is displayed with last price, volume and percent change.

In the meantime,
Mary has activated the scrolling news headlines so that you can see the latest news from around the world. You say New York Markets to display a graph of the Dow Jones and Nasdaq.
It's time to do some work, so you say word processor and your word processor opens up. To begin you say dictation to activate the dictation mode.

After such a busy morning, you decide to leave for lunch. . . .

Upon returning from lunch, Mary hears you approach and informs you verbally that some
stocks alerts have been reached based on your stock parameters.

You work awhile longer and then decide that you are done for the day, saying
shutdown computer.
Mary asks for confirmation of this request and you say yes , the program closes all windows, closes TalkingDesktop and shuts the computer down.