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See and Say Concept
  • You can SAY commands or words that are in Blue text.
  • You can SAY, type or click any commands or words in Underlined Black text.

  • Human computer speech interface Main Menu (rotating pictures)
    This desktop ring presents you with some of the most frequent commands and requests that you can say to interact with your computer. This Main Menu Ring will shrink to the top corner of your desktop when not needed. Say "desktop"

    Our Menu Ring shows thumbnail information such as the last contact person, last weather map or news story. Each thumbnail is a snapshot of the information or picture that you have recently referenced.


    Lady wearing a close-talk headset You can dictate text into almost any Windows application such as Word, Word Pad , Notepad, Excel, Internet Explorer America Online, WordPerfect, Microsoft® Office Application, Email - Hotmail, Juno, Lotus Notes, Yahoo, MS Outlook or Express, Eudora, PowerPoint, GoldMine®, Microsoft Works, Instant Messenger, ICQ, AOL , MSN Messenger. You can dictate text into any input field that you can type into.

    Internet Communications

    Internet Voice Web Browser Voice Web Browser
    Our internet browser has been designed for voice input and control. Voice navigate the internet by saying "text link names", bookmark web sites by saying "Bookmark" and display web sites by name.
  • Say "CNN web site" to display that web site in the voice web browser. You can create or change the names of these voice callable web sites.
  • Use standard voice commands such as Up, Down, Page Down or Page Up to move around each web page.
  • Tell Talking Desktop to read a web page or say "Browser" to open the voice web browser.

  • Voice Research Lookup
    Our voice LOOKUP ability allows you to research topics of interest from the internet. Say "LOOKUP Africa" and our program will research recent news relating to Africa on the internet.

    Voice command software uses computer headset for hands free voice commands
    Computer headset if the headset or microphone that came with your computer is not designed for speech recognition
    The best way to improve your voice interaction with TalkingDesktop is to use a close-talk speech recognition quality headset.
    Nothing is more frustrating than poor recognition and having to repeat voice commands because the headset or microphone that came with your computer is not designed for speech recognition.
    More information about computer headsets

    Desktop Control

    Launch Applications by Name
    For example: saying "Windows Explorer" will run the windows explorer program on your computer. Saying "Close Window" will close any window on your desktop (same as pressing the X to exit) such as the windows explorer program. You may use commands to control cursor movement such as Up, Down, Page Down or Page Up.

    Internet Information Retrieval

    Weather Maps
    Caribbean satellite map requested by its voice name Say "Weather" and your favorite weather map is displayed. Say "Northeast Radar" and a radar picture of the New England area is displayed. Say "Caribbean weather" to see a radar map of developing hurricanes in the Caribbean.

    Voice Named Web Cameras
    Display web cameras by name. Say "New York Markets"and a graph of the Dow Jones and NASDAQ markets is displayed.

    News Headlines
    News story headlines can be scrolled across your desktop from several sources by saying "News" You can ask to have the news read out-loud as it is updated or whenever you desire. You may ask for just "World News" or "Sports News" to be read out-loud. If a news headline interests you, just say a word or phrase from the headline and the associated article will be displayed in our voice web browser.

    Stock Ticker
    Your own personal stock ticker can be tracked and updated. It shows price, volume, percent change, name and symbol. Stock alerts can be setup. Say "Stock Alerts" and those stocks that have exceeded your parameters are spoken out-loud to you.

    Local Computer Information

    Say "Contacts" and a list of your friends or business contacts are displayed with associated information such as address, phone#, etc. Display graphics such as the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq market by voice name

    Display Pictures or Graphs by Name
    The program can display pictures by name such as "motorcycle" where motorcyle points to motorcycle.jpg in a folder on your hard drive. You can enter any name that you want to say to have the program display that picture.

    Personalized Conversation
    The program supports personalized conversation creation so that the computer will respond with specific speech when a certain word or phrase is heard. For example you can setup the software to say "water is a liquid and wet" when it heards the word "water".

    Human Computer Interaction

    Emerging Basic Awareness of the User
    Image how great it would be to have software that greeted you by name as you approached ! Well stop imagining because TalkingDesktop does this now ! Our program uses basic awareness to "sense" your approach and then greet you with "Hello John its 6:30" and "John you have 3 new email". It can activate a hibernating computer monitor and independantly retrieve the latest weather map for your region.
    The software starts with Jessica as its name and your computer will respond when it hears you say "Jessica". You may change this name to any name that you want.

    Voice recognition allows you to have a conversation with Jessia

    Read a conversation with Jessica, another of our characters.

    User Request Tracking
    This ability allows the software to prioritize frequent requests and then remind you out-loud about previous areas of interest such as a favorite web site you have asked for or a news topic that you have had read out-loud recently.
    How does this work ?: The program will ask if you are interested in a previous request (such as CNN web site) and all you have to do is say Yes or No.

    Speech Recognition
    Speech Recognition allows a full range dialog with your computer so that you can do dictation or issue voice commands. The program supports multiple speech profiles so everyone in the household can speak to the computer and the software dynamically adapts to a users' speech during operation. The software will tell the user when they are speaking too rapidly or too loudly. A vocabulary allows words to be added and customized.

    Natural Text-to-Speech
    Talkingdesktop comes with different voices that the user can select from. Further control of how the computer talks is available with commands such as "talk faster", "talk louder", "talk slower".

    Imagine an interactive home using array microphones for listening and web cameras for vision.